The aftermarket wholesale wheel market has recently gained momentum and is destined to become another automotive industry success story. Car enthusiasts are flocking to buy custom wheels as they not only want lighter and prettier alternatives but also demand a high performing product that is able to provide ultimate handling and driving experience. Gone are the days when customized wheels were sold at a premium to only those who could afford high price tag. Now, globalization has allowed manufacturers to design more efficient tires which can be mass marketed to an average racing fan. This means that the aurora of luxury, sportiness and wealth can be tailored to meet the tastes of everyday car lover. 24 hour towing tampa

Categories of Aftermarket Custom Wheels

Custom wheels can actually be classified into six broad categories but the most desirable characteristic of a wheel will differ by the needs of its owner.

1 Automobile Racing

In automobile racing, the weight of the wheel in ratio to car size is of utmost importance as most tracks consist of numerous sharp turns requiring automobiles to optimize corner weights. Still, it does not mean that weight is the only significant aspect for racing cars.

2 Drag Racing

Another category is drag racing where drivers rely on a wider base to accommodate traction. Nowadays, drag racing is not just restricted to main events but continues to thrive legally and illegally. Young groups of automobile fanatics converge on their favorite hideouts to try techniques that they would never be able to carry out in a formal setting. Due to a shorter track, such clandestine events require that participating cars not only posses the qualities of speed but also constitute all the mechanics of drag racing.

3 Rally

Perhaps one of the most well known categories of car racing is Rally. The main emphasis of a Rally driver is on the strength of its wheels. Due to unpaved conditions, rally wheels are made from a heavy duty metal base. In this sport, a good wheel can be the difference between finishing first or last. It is necessary that participants make careful decision between speed, stability and control. Amid the growing popularity of amateur rallies and accompanying lucrative prizes, it is recommended that rally drivers consult an expert wheel supplier to determine the most feasible wheel type.

4 Touring Cars

Touring car racing can be classified as another category. This classification is the fastest growing classification as it allows heavily modified street cars to compete. The width and weight are the primary factors contributing to a performance of a touring car. Once famous in Europe, modified racing car owners love this unique concept as it may be the fastest lane to fame and glory.

5 Street Driving (Cruising)

Unlike racing, Street driving allows anyone and everyone to showcase their cars. Here, the primary concern is the visual appeal. Killeen’s are more accustomed to cruising strips where hundreds of cars congregate in a bumper to bumper parade displaying their visual appeal to the general Public. McHenry Avenue in Modesto, California is one of the most popular cruising strips made popular by the film, Killeen Graffiti. In earlier decades, street driving in Woodward Avenue, Detroit reached its peak in 1960’s when magazines like Car & Driver, Motor Trend and CBS World News would cover those events. To many, street driving events or cruising nights are one of the best events to see and be seen. Large events such as these can attract one Million viewers with 40000 cars comprising special interest, collector, custom, street rods and muscle cars. Apart from the overall beauty, custom wheels are one of the cheapest and among the most attractive feature of this car parade.