Ready to change your motorcycle? Then you must be thinking about your purchase of a new set of custom motorcycle wheels! This article is not the end-all of buying guides, but I hope to help you with a smooth, and satisfying buying experience.

The very first thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend. A good set of wheels can cost at least $2000, so you will need to budget your purchase wisely. Most custom motorcycle wheels are made from billet aluminum, in a CNC machine, and not mass quantity castings such as car wheels. Also, as you have noticed, custom motorcycle wheels have to look good on both sides, which is not the case for your car.

The next decision is what type of wheel you want. For example, do you want a spoke wheel? Do you want a chrome wheel? An option to consider is a polished wheel, or a black anodized wheel. A polished wheel will “weather” better in a climate such as Florida, where there is a lot of salt-air. A chrome wheel is easy to clean, but is more susceptible to the elements which cause corrosion. A polished wheel is well suited for these climates, but takes a lot of maintenance to keep their shine. A black anodized wheel or powder coated wheel is more of a “look” choice, and are not as durable as a chrome or polished wheel. (Though a black magic marker can often hide dings in these wheels.)

Once your decision has been made on the type of wheel, the next step is finding a design which looks good on your specific bike, and more importantly, that you love. Yes, I said love, because when you are spending this kind of money, you will probably not want to like your wheels, you will need to love them. This is why you should never “settle” for a wheel design.

There are many different media outlets to view wheel designs offered in the market. Most enthusiasts will subscribe to a type of motorcycle industry magazine, such as American Bagger. These magazines will have numerous wheel ads, with some of the company’s offerings. I would suggest going to the most common place to search for something, Google. Type in Custom Motorcycle Wheels, and click search. This will bring up the most popular company’s websites in the industry.

Spend some time going through each company’s website, looking at the different options you have. Most websites will have a motorcycle wheel selector. This allows you to view their wheels on your bike, a handy tool to help you decide what looks good on your bike. Don’t forget to look for specials, or eBay deals and steals, many companies have an eBay store for their clearance items. This is often a great place to find brand new wheels, with a large discount.